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      • 供應1200針進口電腦織機真絲面料手工領帶 加工真絲領帶

      • 供應1200針進口電腦織機真絲面料手工領帶 加工真絲領帶
      • 禮品6:**1200針純真絲


        嵊州市甘霖鑫偉領帶織造有限公司是一家專注于領帶生產織造的企業,是經國家相關部門批準注冊的嵊州領帶企業。從禮品6設計生產到領帶制作及銷售實行一條龍作業,是全國先進的定制制式領帶生產企業之一。 主營滌絲提花領帶,滌絲印花領帶,真絲提花領帶,真絲印花領帶,兒童領帶,女士領帶,圣誕領帶,絲巾,盒子套裝禮品領帶以及圍巾和各種領結領花等等.本公司產品遠銷俄羅斯,美國、**、英國、意大利、**、日本、埃及,荷蘭,加拿大等40多個國家和地區.公司位于中國浙江嵊州市甘霖鎮工業園區,總廠房面積近達**00平方米,有員工近200名,設備先進,產品**.嵊州市甘霖鑫偉領帶織造有限公司本著“客戶**,誠信至上”的原則,與多家企業建立了長期的合作關系。熱誠歡迎各界朋友前來參觀、考察、洽談業務。

        <?????????We are one of the leading manufacturers of neckties and colored-woven fabrics in China. We are located in Shengzhou of Zhejiang Province, the major textile area in China. We have annual production capacity of over 20,000 pieces of neckties. Our product ranges include silk neckties, polyester neckties, bow ties, scarves and necktie clips.

        Our products are made with excellent workmanship, raw materials of superior quality and high-grade equipment. Therefore, we are able to offer the best quality and the most competitive prices to you. We are fully engaged in exporting business, so we know what you need and can professionally communicate with you in English. Our clients are from all over the world.????????????

        We have been established as an honest, reliable and experienced company with a high reputation. Thus, our clients trust us and would like to keep longer cooperative business relationships with us.??????????????????????

        If you need more information about our company, products and services we provide, please contact us through our website for more details. You will be highly appreciated as we are looking forward to setting up new partnerships with various friends worldwide.

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